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S01E06 - Jaya Klara Brekke on the Political in Blockchain

Which conceptions of the political are inscribed in blockchain technologies? What is cryptoeconomics? And what does it look like if we disassemble the blockchain truth machine?


Some Links

Jaya’s research homepage

Download Jaya’s Dissertation here.

Jaya’s general homepage

Wikis of Bitcoin and its biggest fork Bitcoin Cash.

Homepage of Ethereum and reddit page of it’s fork Ethereum Classic.

Wiki of “The DAO” (first Decentralized Autonomous Organization on Ethereum)

Paper on The DAO by Quinn DuPont

Donna HarrawayStaying with the Trouble

Radical Markets by Glen Weyl and Eric Posner

Homepage of the book Radical Markets

Vitalik Buterin Talk at the RadicalXChange Conference

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